About us

The Upper Crust specialises in destination functions, and we pride ourselves in the quality of food presented to you. We also cater for weddings, cocktail Parties, Banquets and Corporate Events.

Culinary Philosophy

Over the years I have developed a patchwork philosophy of food that bears the imprint of many great food professionals that have crossed my life path. These people have transformed the meaning of food for me. After years in the industry, I have realised that there is no such thing as perfect food – only the idea thereof. The real purpose in striving for perfection is clear: to make people happy and that is what cooking is about.

The satisfaction of cooking lies in what we do every day – peeling, trimming and chopping – year in and year out. The challenge lies in maintaining a passion for this everyday routine.

To have respect for prepared food is to have respect for life; for what we are and what we do. The soul of a recipe does not lie in the list of ingredients or its preparation; it lies with the chef lovingly prepares it.

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